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If your application doesn’t have the traditional authentication flow, there is a way to protect daemon to daemon calls using the Azure Active directory. This post shows a step-by-step setup for securing your application in those scenarios.


  • Azure subscription
  • Access to Azure Active Directory in the subscription

To set up the client credential flow, we need to start from the API side. In this post, we are focusing on the setup in ASP.NET.

API App Registration

  • In Azure Portal, navigate to Active Directory and click on “App registrations” then click on “New Registration”

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Wondering what could be the best fit for your machine learning application on Microsoft Azure?! This study can help you pick the most suitable platform for your purpose.

Compute Options on Azure

Azure provides different computing platforms for different use cases. Here is the list of available options on Azure:

These platforms are fabricated to assist users to get things up and running rapidly. Apart from Azure Batch, the other two options provide users with pre-packaged software libraries, components, and services. Therefore, users can get their applications up and running with significantly less effort and time. …

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In this post, I will describe an approach to Azure virtual machine (Android VM) for Android x86 or IoT development. Azure VM enables high-speed streaming and provides a virtual environment to test your Android apps. In this example, we are running Android in the cloud and streaming the display to a remote user. It is worth to mention that currently, Azure supports Linux/Windows OS. To build a VM for Android x86 on Azure you can follow this post.

How to set up Android VM on Azure

To create an Android-x86 VM on Azure, you will be required to take a couple of preparation steps. There are two ways…

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In this post, my colleague, Andrew Francisque, and I are going to discuss how we were able to decrease the amount of time required to build a WebRTC solution from hours to minutes.


A complex build can sometimes take hours to complete. Usually, the challenge with these kinds of builds are the dependencies.

In our case, we partnered with Kognitiv Spark, whose mission is to empower industries’ solutions by using augmented reality. …

Mahsa Hanifi

Software Engineer at Microsoft. Live and work in Sunnyvale, California.

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